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Is Your Practice Leaking Dollars?

The news today from the stricken well off the Houston coast that is leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico was that the spill had been stemmed, at least for now!

The leak has been […]

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Why Being The Best Isn’t Always Enough

If you’ve seen any media coverage since last night, you will know that Lee Dwyze was crowned as the winner of the 2010 season of American Idol. But anyone watching the final, the night before, […]

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Veterinarian Idol: How many votes will you get from your clients?

Last night saw the final of the latest season of American Idol and by the time the winner is announced this evening there will have been around 100 million votes cast by the American public. […]

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Who’s Checking Mission Control In Your Practice?

Living in the Orlando area we’re very fortunate to be able to get a very close up experience of the US space program. It’s quite a thrill to be able to watch the countdown to […]

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The Celebrity Apprentice is over but who is going to be your celebrity?

Last night Bret Michaels added to the theater of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ by appearing in the Season Finale despite a recent brain hemorrhage and appendectomy (not to mention his ongoing battle with Diabetes). And just […]

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