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Veterinary Practice Profits – Have You Seen The Profit?

Veterinary Practice Profits? Discover Where ‘The Profit’ Really Is!

You might be surprised to hear that here at Veterinary Practice Profits, one of our favorite TV shows is Shark Tank on ABC. If you’re […]

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Veterinary Client Communication – Why Talk Isn’t Cheap!

Veterinary Client Communication is a phrase commonly seen on veterinary websites. But what does it really mean? It’s important you know the answer because getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake for your veterinary […]

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Why The New Medical Device Tax Shouldn’t Be Bad News For YOUR Veterinary Practice

A Veterinary Medical Device Tax? Really?

As you should know, even though veterinary patients cannot benefit from the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare), there is one part of the law that has a […]

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World War ‘V’ – Are You Prepared For The Vaccine Battle?

Did you know…there are more and more instances of mobile vaccine clinics offering their services at pet stores, street corner pharmacies and even gas stations?
Word War […]

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Mobile Phone Marketing – Using America’s Texting Obsession To Help Grow Your Practice!

Consider this…on average, mobile phone users have their phone in their possession for sixteen hours per day!
In fact, according to Pew research, 94% of American consumers ages 16+ have a cell phone. People text more than they talk..in 2012 the average US mobile subscriber sent or received 764 text messages per month but made just 164 calls. Texts have a much better deliverability and open rate than emails and are read on average in under three minutes. This makes texting a great way to communicate with your clients. […]

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