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Why Price Should Never Be The Only Reason Pet Owners Choose You

You may remember in a previous post we highlighted that veterinarians are facing increased competition from outside the profession. Following the migration of tick, flea and even heart worm preventatives from veterinary office to supermarket […]

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Veterinary Continuing Education – Have You Got All Your Hours?

Veterinary Continuing Education – learn how to grow your veterinary business while earning continuing education credits from the comfort of your clinic or home!

Every year veterinarians and veterinary technicians scramble to find Veterinary Continuing […]

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Introducing Systems To Increase The Value Of Your Clients To Your Veterinary Business!

Most veterinary practice owners think that sending out an annual reminder is all they should be doing to tempt existing clients to come back with their pet. In our opinion, this is a huge mistake because it hinders client retention and the amount of revenue you can make from each client. In order to keep and grow your flea and heartworm preventive business and increase other preventative sales such as microchipping and dentals you need to use your relationship with your clients, their contact details and their pets medical records. By investing in systems that can use these weapons you can show up when you clients need your services and products before they are tempted to shop elsewhere. […]

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