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Signs Of Success? How To Ensure You Ethically Get Your Clients To Spend More When They Visit

One of our three keys to veterinary practice growth is to increase the average amount of revenue your practice generates from each client. One way to do this is to get clients to ethically spend more on each visit to your practice. This is relatively easy to achieve by introducing scripts for your staff and improving how you display your pet products. In our experience most veterinary practices think that all they need to do to sell product is to put in out on the shelves. If your practice does this then don […]

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How To Use Meetup.com To Grow Your Practice. The Smart Way To Do Network Marketing

Meetup is an online […]

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Why You Need To Be In The Pet Business And Not Just The Vet Business!

We mentioned previously how the entrepreneurial veterinarian has other pet related satellite businesses orbiting around his/her main veterinary business. Veterinarians who disregard this type of expansion could be making a big mistake. That […]

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Creating Extra Income For Your Practice With Affiliate Marketing

With competition increasing for some traditional income streams such as flea preventatives, heartworm preventatives and even vaccines, we often get asked for new ways to generate income in a veterinary practice. Affiliate Marketing is one way to generate additional income without creating more overhead. Affiliate marketing creates a structured way for you to promote other businesses to your customers in exchange for a commission on the sales they make to your customers. […]

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Good News: Pet Owners Are Still Spending!

Although pet owners may be cutting back in others areas of their lives, such as eating out, they are still spending on their pets. A good example of this is Bark Box, a paid subscription service where pet owners receive a box of goodies for their dog in the mail each month. Subscribers can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or six monthly priced at $29/month, $24/month and $19/month respectively. A Bark Box typically contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and hygiene products. […]

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