Veterinary Client Communication – Why Talk Isn’t Cheap!

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Veterinary Client Communication is a phrase commonly seen on veterinary websites. But what does it really mean? It’s important you know the answer because getting it wrong can be an expensive mistake for your veterinary practice!

We would even go as far to say that effective Veterinary Client Communication is critical to your veterinary business.

Bayer Healthcare’s Animal Health division also think it’s important. They recently announced that veterinary students across the country could win $2,500 scholarships if they’re participate in the 2014 Bayer Excellence in Communication Awards. Bayer says the Award was created last year in response to the Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study. This study revealed a communication gap between veterinarians and pet owners, especially regarding the value placed on regular veterinary care.

We’ve highlighted that last sentence for good reason. You see there is a growing trend among pet owners to disregard the importance of the veterinary wellness exam. Instead they perceive that the most important thing their pet needs is it’s pet shots.

The question is…how did they come to this perception in the first place?

The Quality Of Your Practice Is The Quality Of Your Veterinary Client Communication

Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!

It’s very simple…if pet owners continually end up leaving the practice having paid more for the vaccines than the wellness exam then which one do you think they would regard as being the most important?  This is especially true when they have been lured in by discounted wellness exams.

The message (or veterinary client communication) they are receiving is that wellness exams have no value or very little compared to vaccines. This why we are seeing an increase in pet shot doctors offering their services at pharmacies, pet stores and gas stations.

It’s a classic case of how a lack of communication from veterinarians has led pet owners to decide for themselves what’s important and what’s not.

Veterinary Client Communication is not just a concept, it should be systematized part of your everyday practice life.

That means choreographing your clients visits. It means making sure they hear and see the messages you want them too during their visit.

It also means communicating to them in between visits to your practice. If you don’t you may not see them again!

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