Why Price Should Never Be The Only Reason Pet Owners Choose You

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Pet Shots While You Get Tires Changed!You may remember in a previous post we highlighted that veterinarians are facing increased competition from outside the profession. Following the migration of tick, flea and even heart worm preventatives from veterinary office to supermarket shelf now vaccines are being administered outside of traditional brick & mortar veterinary offices.

Well now it would seem that,  not content with offering vaccines at street corner pharmacies, pet shops and gas stations, mobile ‘shot doctors’ are now moving into even more unusual places. As you can see in this photo we took in Central Florida, one enterprising mobile vets is now advertising outside a PepBoys Auto center!

We suppose the message is “get your pets shots done while your vehicle gets its tires changed!”

Of course, the real message is “your pet doesn’t need a wellness exam, just shots and preventives” (which they also offer, by the way.)

The big take-away for brick & mortar veterinary practices is that if the only reason your clients choose you is because of price then either prepare to change or prepare to go out of business. After all, how can you compete on price when the mobile vet has a  fraction of your costs?

The good news is that, even in a down economy, only around 20% of pet owners make their buying decision based purely on price.  So if you can offer something different to your competitors that is also compelling to pet owners you can even raise your prices and still have pet owners beating a path to your door.

If you needs ideas on what you can do to be different then checkout our FREE four-part video series on how to make 2014 your best year ever for your veterinary clinic. The videos are short and to the point and will give your veterinary profits a real boost.

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